Corona Virus Announcement

Corona Virus Announcement

Due to government Advice and what could soon be a mandatory restriction of un necessary travel the BFTA Champs and inter regional weekend at Emely moor are now cancelled

The committee are still working out the rest of the shoots throughout the year and more information will be announced once we know more

In the mean time if you are booking hotels for any BFTA event ensure you book ones you can cancel as it is likely that some if not all GP rounds may be cancelled.

To add to this the NWFTA has Cancelled the Northwest Championship on the 8th of march.

Keep checking this site for more updates .

BFTA Competition Dates 2020

BFTA  Competition Dates 2020 



GP 1   Far Coley             19th April

GP 2   ICENI                   10th May

GP 3   Blaenau Gwent     7th June
GP 4   Emley Moor          20th June

GP 5   Redferns              21st June

Gp 6   Buccaneers          5th July

GP 7   East Devon          19th July
GP 8   Rivington             2nd August

BFTA  Masters           Blackbrook   5th September

BFTA  Showdown       Blackbrook   6th September
European Championships    Weston Park   19th / 20th September



Sunday 15th March

Safty brief and Instructions 9.40am

Rd1 Commences 10.00am

Timed Knock out competition

Moss Ln, Middlewich CW10 9NG

Inter Regionals Team 2020

The NWFTA is proud to post its list of shooter’s to represent the northwest this year.

Please see the top 15 shooters. The list we be updated as shooters conform there places and may change.

Dave Ramshead

John Comsa

Dave Schofield

Dave Taylor

John Oldroyd

John Mayer

Ammar Ghazi

Paula Schofield

David Hill

Paul Kelly

Chris Hill

Jerry Knight

Nigel Curtis

Andrew Barnes

Bob Oneil