NWFTA Competition Rules

NWFTA Competition Rules

NWFTA Competition Rules will be run in accordance with the BFTA Main Shoot Rules as at September 2019 unless stated below.

NWFTA competitions are open to all members of air rifle clubs who are affiliated to the NWFTA. The NWFTA welcomes visiting shooters from other affiliated clubs of the BFTA that wish to shoot any of the GP’s run by the NWFTA. It should be noted that only NWFTA members will be eligible to win NWFTA GP trophies.

Competitors will be graded according to their overall results from there last 10 previous shoots. Competitors new to the NWFTA GP series will start in “ungraded” A grade: A (U). Once three results have been received, a grade is applied to the new shooter based on the first three results average %.

Competitors who wish to compete in a higher grade please contact the NWFTA Competition Secretary. The secretary will make a decision which then may be reviewed after the first three results average %. Returning experienced shooters may be allocated a grade which will be reviewed after the first three results average %.

The NWFTA grading list is published on the NWFTA website (nwfta.org.uk).

Competition Classes will be:


Supported FT

Sporter FT

Entrants to these classes should indicate ‘PCP’, ‘Sporter’ or ‘Supported’ when completing the Grade category of their scorecard.

Points awarded to individuals for each Competition class will be calculated as a percentage of the highest score in respective classes, on the day, regardless of the grade in which they compete.

Competitors five best point scores of the series will count towards their final points total. In the event of any ties then the number of total targets hit will be used. If still tied, then a shoot-off will be used to decide the outcome.

A full course of fire shall consist of 20 lanes of 40 targets with 2 targets per lane, which will consist of:

a. 2 standing and 2 kneeling positional lanes.

b. One target in the 2 kneeling lanes and one target in the 2 standing lanes may be of reduced diameter hit zone (min: 25mm). The maximum distance for these targets is 20 yards and will form part of the 25% total allocation for reduced hit zone diameter targets.

c. Up to 10 targets (25% of course targets) may be of a reduced diameter hit zone (25mm), of which 2 may be 15mm diameter hit zones.

d. The distances at which targets may be placed are defined in the BFTA Main Shoot Rules.

e. The maximum total combined distance for the two targets in any freestyle lane will not exceed 100 yards. No positional shots shall be set beyond a distance of 45yds.

f. Targets must be clean (painted face plate and hit zone) and clearly numbered prior to the start of the Competition.

g. Host clubs are to ensure that targets are set out to meet the current BFTA competition rules (unless stated above).

Where a course of fire is found to be in breech of the above rules, but not deemed unsafe, the competition will run and scores will be used for regional grading. The scores from the Competition will not be submitted to the BFTA Grading Officer for national grading as the course did not comply with BFTA Course setting criteria.

The Chief Marshal shall award all competitors a point for a target that is withdrawn during competition due to malfunction and is unable to be replaced.

Booking In will open approximately one hour before the scheduled Competition start time. A Competition and safety briefing will take place approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the Competition. A shotgun start format will be used for all Competitions unless stated by the hosting Club’s Chief Marshal.

Each lane will consist of a minimum of 2 competitors. If a group of 3 is required due to the number of competitors, then in the event the preceding lane becomes free a member of the group of 3 who has already shot the previous lane should move on and have their scorecard marked by a third party in order to aid the flow of the competition.

NWFTA Competitions will not be timed unless stated otherwise by the hosting Clubs Chief Marshal. Chief marshals may, at their discretion, use the current BFTA time limit for each lane (see BFTA Main Shoot Rules) should a delay on the course become apparent.

Supported Field Target Rules.

a. Shooting sticks will only have a single point of contact with the rifles forened stock forward of the trigger guard.

b. Shooting sticks used during competition may only be of the mono-pod, bi-pod or tripod type.

c. The ‘sticks’ must stand free on their feet and not have additional support.

d. Once competition is underway, all shots are to be taken from the shooting stick. There are no ‘positional’ shots (ie. No free style, kneeling or free-standing shots).

Note: Shooters who wish to shoot with two points of contact can still take part in competition but their score will not count.


The NWFTA will supply a chronograph for the testing of rifles. It will be used in accordance with the relevant section of the BFTA GP shoot rules.

The Organisers of any event that is subject to the NWFTA rules reserve the right to Chronograph any Rifle or Pistol used at any shoot, to ensure compliance with the rules and current legal requirements. Testing may be done before, during, or after the shoot at the Chief Marshal’s discretion.

If there is no Chronograph Marshal at a NWFTA event, shooting partners will record each other’s result and enter it onto their partners score card in the designated area.

The NWFTA has declared a maximum pellet speed for rifles of 5fps below the 12 ft/lbs limit; this is for the actual pellet being used by the competitor on the day. 5fps below 6 ft/lbs will apply for pistols.

A minimum of one registering shot and a max of 3 registering shots will be allowed over the chronograph. No power adjustments are permitted once the competitor has started the competition.

Failure of the gun to comply with the above will disqualify that gun for the whole event. If the gun registers over the Current Legal Limit the competitor will be asked to remove the gun from the course.

Any competitor whose gun fails the chronograph test will have their card marked as void, but they may complete the course if they wish with another gun to help maintain the group they are shooting in.

If the gun registers over the NWFTA Limit but under the Current Legal Limit the competitor will receive a YELLOW CARD. On the issue of the first YELLOW CARD the competitor will receive a warning and will be allowed to carry on with the Competition and the competitors score will count.

On the issue of a second and subsequent YELLOW CARD during the same season the score will be void.

Deformed pellets will not be used for the testing process. If a Chronograph Marshal is used during an event the marshal may request visual examination of pellets before loading and/or after insertion into the Competitors Gun but before the breech is closed.

Maximum Pellet Velocity

Table with the maximum Pellet Velocity allowed based on the pellet weight:

Weight (Grains)

Gns – Fps

7.9 – 823

8.4 – 795

8.6 – 785

10.3 – 718

General Information

The standard individual entry fee for each individual Competition of the NWFTA as at September 2019 is £6.00.

The host club retains 50% of the standard entry fees.

Proof of the Club’s insurance must be submitted to the NWFTA Secretary prior to the start of the GP season.

Scorecards will be provided free of charge to the host club by the NWFTA.

There are no trophies for individual rounds of the GP series.

The NWFTA Showdown is one of the end of season events shot over a course of 20 targets. It is a timed event with one minute for two targets. A “knockout” format is used for the Competition.

The NWFTA Championship is the main end of season event shot over 50 targets.

The BFTA Inter Regional Championship sees all nine regions of the BFTA compete against each other, with regional teams consisting of 15 members.

NWFTA Regional Team places for this event will be allocated in descending order of there last 7 shoots with there best 5 shoots being used for final positions . A “wildcard” place may also be offered to a member of an affiliated club at the discretion of the NWFTA Committee after consultation with the team captain.

Inter Regionals Team Selection

The BFTA Inter Regionals are held in April each year. The team plus reserves will be selected then confirmed in the first week of January to allow time for hotel booking and travel arrangements.

A maximum of 15 shooters can represent the NWFTA at the BFTA Inter Regionals. The top 10 scores on the day of competition count towards the team total.

To be eligible for team selection a shooter must have completed 7 NWFTA Competitions within the previous 12 months. Each shooter will be ranked on the average percentage of their last 7 NWFTA Competitions with the two lowest percentages dropped. 15 places are available to the top placed shooters and the Competition Secretary will confirm a shooters acceptance of their place in the team.

The NWFTA committee may select a 15th shooter as a “wildcard” selection. The wildcard selection process is triggered on receipt of a shooters external factors affecting team selection. This process will ensure that the most competitive team is assembled from all the eligible shooters within the NWFTA.

A Team Captain will be selected by the Competition Secretary.

If places on the team become available, for what ever reason, places will be offered to the reserves in the rank order from highest to lowest.


The NWFTA grades each person based on their performance in competition. The NWFTA have adopted the grading system used by the BFTA in order to maintain consistency if shooters compete outside of the NW and/or attend National level competitions.  

The grades used are: “AA,” “A,” “A(U)” “B,” and “C.”
This means that in competition, shooters are generally only competing with other shooters of similar ability.

“AA” grade shooters are those with an average score of 85% or above.
“A” grade shooters are those with an average score greater than or equal to 74% and less than 84.9%
“B” grade shooters are those with an average score greater than or equal to 59% and less than 73.9%
“C” grade is for shooters with an average score less than 58.9%

Note: RE para 3 above, A(U) is a temporally assigned grade.


Individual end of season NWFTA GP series trophies will be awarded as follows:

• AA Grade – 1st to 3rd.

• A Grade – 1st to 3rd.

• B Grade – 1st to 3rd.

• C Grade – 1st to 3rd.

• Supported FT – 1st to 3rd

• Sporter FT – 1st to 3rd

Only competitors who are members of club’s affiliated to the NWFTA and have shot a minimum of 4 NWFTA Competitions over a season are eligible for a trophy. Included in this are the NWFTA Showdown, NWFTA Championship.


In the event of a dispute during a competition, the decision of the Chief Marshall and or the Competition Secretary, if present, shall be final.

If at the request of the individual, the dispute may be considered at a later date by the NWFTA committee.