Minutes of NWFTA AGM 2019


Meeting opened by the current NWFTA Chairman, John Mayer.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was opened at 2:30pm Saturday 5th October 2019 held at The Dib Air Rifle Club.

Committee Reports:

No minutes of the previous AGM where read out to attendees as they had not been made available.

The NWFTA financial report was presented by the Treasurer.

Spending for the coming financial year was discussed and attendees where informed of the upgrade to the Associations bank account.

Committee Selection:

Current NWFTA committee stepped down.

A committee was elected for 2019/2020:

Chairman – John Mayer

Secretary – John Oldroyd

Treasurer – David Hill

Competition Secretary – Christopher Hill

Agenda points:

1. NWFTA Website

The format and content of the updated NWFTA Website was discussed. Attendees agreed that content and format was appropriate for the Associations needs.

2. NWFTA Constitution

An update to the content of the constitution was proposed and discussed.

Approved unanimously.

3. Roles and Responsibilities of Club Representatives

It was proposed that all NWFTA affiliated clubs each provide 2 Field Target Club Representatives (FT Rep).


The FT reps will act as a focal point for there club’s FT shooters, be responsible for representing the best interests of club FT shooters and the passage of information between its FT shooters and the NWFTA.

The FT reps will be the only voting members of there club. This will ensure that clubs are equally weighted and represented during the NWFTA voting process irrespective of the amount of members within each affiliated club.

Approved unanimously.

4. NWFTA Competitions Rules

It was proposed that competition rules specific to the NWFTA be adopted for use during NWFTA competitions. The rules will be based on 2019 BFTA rules unless stated otherwise in the adopted rules.

Approved unanimously.

5. NWFTA Showdown & Championship Competitions

It was proposed that the NWFTA Showdown Competition and the NWFTA Championship Competition be run on a rotor system between affiliated clubs.

Approved unanimously.

6. 2020 BFTA Grand Prix Series

It was confirmed by the Chairman that a round of the 2020 BFTA Grand Prix series will be hosted by Rivington Riflemen. The proposed date will be confirmed after the BFTA AGM in November.

7. Use Of Chronograph At NWFTA Competitions

It was proposed and discussed that all NWFTA competitions will include the use of a Chronograph machine for the testing of rifles during competitions. Use of the chronograph will be as per BFTA rules.

Approved unanimously.

8. Supported FT Rules

It was proposed and discussed that the rules for the use of shooting sticks during NWFTA Competitions be included in the NWFTA Competition Rules, .

Approved unanimously.

Note: Shooters who wish to shoot with two points of contact can still take part in competition but their score will not count.

9. NWFTA Loyalty Badges

It was proposed and discussed that NWFTA members who attend 10 out of 12 NWFTA Competitions over a winter and summer series be awarded a “Loyalty” badge in recognition of there support for the NWFTA and Field Target (FT) shooting.

Approved unanimously.

Note: On a secondary vote of 11 votes for a cloth badge and 10 votes for a pin badge, the cloth type badge will be adopted for use by the NWFTA.

10. NWFTA to Adopt a Twice Yearly Grading System

It was proposed and discussed that a twice yearly grading system be used to bring the NWFTA in line with the BFTA grading system.


The twice yearly grading system makes for a fairer system giving a competitor a better chance to win a Trophy in their correct grade regionally, and also allows shooters to compete against other shooters within there grade at National level.

Approved unanimously.

11. Change to Trophy Qualifying Criteria

It was proposed that a change from the current criteria of competing in a minimum of 5 competitions to 4 competitions be adopted to qualify for a trophy.

Approved unanimously.

12. Any Other Business

Next AGM to be held October 2020 subject to confirmation.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed by the Chairman at 3:30 pm 5th October 2019.