NWFTA Roles and Responsibilities


1.    Ensuring that the Committee, sub-committees, Clubs affiliated to the Association and any non-executive appointees act in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws.

2.    Endeavors to ensure that the Association follows a strategy that, for the benefit of its members, actively supports the growth and development of field target shooting in the region.

3.    Attends meetings on behalf of the NWFTA as and when required.

4.    Acting as the focal point for the Association and officiating at Committee meetings, AGM’s, EGM’s and officiating at ceremonies and presentations as required.

5.    Operates in an unbiased and neutral manner in all matters, ensuring fair consideration by the Committee for any and all issues and or proposals arising during term of office.

6.     Acting on behalf of the Association as the primary point of contact for the BFTA and any other external bodies and organisations.

7.    Delegates work tasks to committee members as required.


1.   Is to support the Chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Association’s Committee and it’s Sub-committees when in operation.

2.. Represent the Association on behalf of, or in the absence of the Chairman.

3. Plan and organise meetings.

4. Request agenda items from committee members and ensure all agenda items received are listed prior to the start of a meeting.

5. Discuss agenda items with the Chairman prior to the start of a meeting.

6. Accurately record in the form of minutes, outcomes and or action points required from each agenda item.

7. Distribute the minutes of a meeting within a suitable period of time after meeting.

8. Maintain effective administration of the Associations records and keep an accurate record of member clubs in the region.

9. Ensure that authorised Association documents are available for publication and are published online or as hard copy when required.

10. Delegate work tasks to committee members as required.

11. Ensure that action points that were agreed at meetings have been carried out.

12…Attend meetings external to the Association as requested by the Chairman.

13. Liaise with member club secretaries as required.


Duties across the year will include:

1.    Ensuring that up-to-date records of the Associations income and expenditures are tracked, recorded and maintained.

2.    Planning the Associations yearly budget (with input from the Association’s committee) and monitoring how this budget is used throughout the year.

3.    Bring to the attention of the Association’s committee, at the earliest opportunity, any financial concerns.   

3.    Presenting an annual financial report on the Association’s finances to Association members at the AGM.

4.    Arranging annual insurance sufficient to cover the Associations needs.

5.    Collect monies from Competition organisers and make agreed payments to hosting clubs, and at the earliest opportunity, bank remaining monies into the Association’s bank account.

Competition Secretary:

The Competition Secretary shall be responsible for the following:

1.    Publishing a calendar of the Associations Field Target events throughout the year.

2.    Liaising with competition course builders prior to start of any competition and ensure that FT courses meet current safety standards and offers a balanced and competitive course for all grades of competitor.

3.    When requested, provide advice or assistance on the running and administration of FT competitions.

4.    Provide score cards to competition hosts.

6.    Ensure that competition scores are accurately recorded and published.

7.    If requested, collect monies on behalf of the Treasurer and make agreed payments to hosting club and ensure remaining balance of competition fees are handed to the Treasurer.

8.    Use competition data to generate a grade for each competitor prior to start of the Summer and Winter Grand Prix season.

9.    Ensure the Association is notified of changes to competition rules or procedures made at National level in order that the Association committee can make an informed decision regarding changes.

Club FT Representatives:

1.    Club FT Representatives (reps) are to act as the focal point for there Club’s FT shooters.

2.    Representatives are to provide liaison between the Association and FT shooters at club level.

3.    Each club representative is entitled to 1 vote on each proposal put forward at an Association meeting.

4.     Representatives are to canvas opinions, requests and concerns, and raise them with the Association’s committee.

5.    Representatives are to vote on the collective decision(s) made on behalf of there club FT shooters.