Competition Calendar 2019/20

Winter League 2019-20

Saturday 5th October; The Dib (AGM to be held at this time). Winter GP1.

Sunday 27th October; Rivington. Winter GP2.

Sunday 10th November; Byley. Winter GP3.

Sunday 1st December; Tawd Vale. Winter GP4.

Saturday 18th January 2020; The Dib. Winter GP 5.

Sunday 2nd February 2020; Byley. Winter GP 6.

Sunday 23rd February 2020; Tawd Vale. Winter GP 7.Cancelled

Sunday 15th March 2020; Byley…”The NWFTA Showdown”.

Saturday 28th March 2020; The Dib…”The NWFTA Championships”.

Summer league 2020

Saturday 25th April The Dib FTC GP1

Sunday 31st May Rivington Riflemen GP2

Saturday 13th June The Dib FTC GP3

Sunday 26th July Tawd Vale FT & ARC GP4

Sunday 30th August Tawd Vale FT & ARC GP5

Sunday 13th September Byley FTC GP6